Acting in several areas of engineering , Cembra has a wide range of services available to meet the needs of its clients.

Waterproffing & Structural Recovery

Asphalt Membrane 

Butyl Sheets/EPDM

PEAD/PVC/TPO Membrane e Watertight Mortars

Polymeric Mortars

Epoxy Resin

Molded Polyurethane   “In Loco”

Projected Polyurea

Expansion Joints Treatment

Thermal Insulation in General

Hydro-Activated Epoxy / Polyurethane Injection


Microsilica Coatings 

Armor Treatment and Replacement

Pillar / Beam Reinforcement

Treatment and Recovery of Fair-Faced Concrete


Execution of Structures and Works in Reinforced Concrete

Construction of Buildings


Water and Sewage Network Systems


Building Connections 

Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

Stabilization Ponds

Pumping  Stations

Reinforced / Pre-stressed Concrete Reservoirs

Metallic Reservoirs

Non-Destructive Crossings

Reverse Osmosis

Reuse Systems